Star ITech offers a comprehensive package of applications that will meet all your dictation and transcription needs. The entire process is automated and has been designed for ease of use and meet all your needs. The complete process of dictation upload and reports delivery is HIPAA compliant. We guarantee cost savings of more than 40% while simultaneously providing state-of-the-art features and quality of highest standards.

Dictation Upload:

Our system works with most commonly used digital recorders. Once you have finished dictating the dictations, dock the digital recorder to a computer – similar to docking a Palm Pilot.

Once docked, the dictations are automatically (no user intervention required) transferred to our server through the Internet, encrypted with 128-bit encryption technology. A copy of the dictation will be kept in your computer. The application resides in the Windows system tray next to the “Time” in the lower right hand corner of their workstation screen.


You need to download and install InSync (the name of the software) from our web site into any of the workstations you may need to work from. We will issue the passwords to you which is to be entered in your software interface. You can upload the dictations not only from the office but also from your home or from your laptop, if required.

Report Delivery:

You can log into our system through our web site, which is connected to a secure Internet server. This application can be customized to suit your needs, whether you are working in a multi-doctor practice or working in a one-person practice.

Features of our transcription platform:

  • You can see the status of the reports like when it was sent to our server, whether the dictation has been transcribed, when it was.
  • You can edit, print, electronically sign, change the template.
  • If you want to CC the report to another doctor in the system, we can setup to automatically route the report to other doctors.
  • You can search for any report based on different criteria like patient name, MR#, date dictated, etc.
  • You can access the dictations and reports from any computer with internet access – Home, office or laptop.
  • You can specify the priority for the dictation, whether you want the reports in standard 24 hours or within 6-8 hours (STAT).