About Us

Welcome To Star ITech

Star ITech is a progressive, customer-oriented IT service company. We offer quality services in the most simple and secured way across various platforms and applications. Technology has made it possible for us to share a common platform and offer multiple services with high quality in a cost-effective manner. We have incorporated all aspects of security and confidentiality to ensure HIPAA compliance.

Your time comes at a big premium. We provide a well equipped and a professional service that caters to your needs and time constraints. It is our constant endeavor to provide innovative, cost effective and quality solutions. Star ITech has grown on the promise that quality, security, quick turnaround time, and customer service are key to success.

At Star ITech, we perceive our highly qualified and motivated work force as our greatest asset. We constantly upgrade the skills of our personnel in current and emerging trends, thus ensuring that our people are comparable to the best in the industry.The company provides focused QA checks and monitoring on a continuous basis to the production center. Star ITech recognizes the importance of fostering the energy and creative talents of its people along the lines of its business. At Star ITech, manpower is not just a resource but also an asset.

  • We provide service that is reliable, dependable, fast and accurate.
  • We guarantee you the highest standards in quality and timeliness.
  • Providing cost-effective outsourcing solutions.
  • We ensure the highest level of confidentiality and care.
  • Each of our employees is part of the process and each is dedicated to the security and accuracy of your documents.
  • All our employees are responsible for ensuring that the quality of output exceeds customer expectations.
  • All information is double and triple checked for accuracy.
  • All quality control processes are managed and monitored by dedicated Quality Managers who are responsible for analyzing the processes and implementing process improvement