If you are a clinic administrator or an executive director looking to reduce the turnaround time while simultaneously cutting costs and improve efficiency, we guarantee you much more than that.

We provide services to suit all types of clinics—whether you are a single specialty, multi specialty clinic; with one location or multi locations.

Our service becomes an extension of your current medical records staff, allowing them to concentrate on patient care and communication. We offer transcription services with highest quality while guaranteeing turnaround time.

HIPAA compliant: Our process meets HIPAA regulations (HIPAA) Absolute confidentiality and security of reports guaranteed.

Flexibility of dictation methods:

    • Toll free line – Dictate from anywhere, anytime, through any phone using our toll free line. The same dictation protocols that you are accustomed to are maintained, wherever possible.
    • Our digital voice capture system can rerecord dictations from your existing dictation system.
  • Digital Recorders – Get the flexibility and advanced features.
  • Flexibility to handle variations in dictation volume and delivery schedules.
  • Savings to the order of 30-40% on your current transcription expenses with our competitive rates.
  • Quality: We understand the importance of quality in transcription. Our team of transcriptions and QA team have years of experience to handle various specialties while delivering more than 99% of accuracy.
  • Turnaround time: Maximum turnaround time of 24 hours.