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Star ITech is a progressive, customer-oriented IT service company. We offer quality services in the most simple and secured way across various platforms and applications. Technology has made it possible for us to share a common platform and offer multiple services with high quality in a cost-effective manner. We have incorporated all aspects of security and confidentiality to ensure HIPAA compliance.


Comprehending Accounts Receivable (A/R) is one of the most important process in the revenue cycle of a dental practice.  It pays for your salary, your office and your bills.  Failing to adequately work denials from insurers translates to loss of revenue for your dental practice.

At Star ITech, we provide a range of accounts receivable services to our clients with an option to outsource all or part of your accounts receivable backlog to us and benefit from high-quality services at a low cost.  Star ITech leverages a large workforce of highly trained Accounts Receivable associates who manage your accounts receivable efficiently and save your time and money.  Our Denial Management team classifies denials by reason, source, cause and other distinguishing factors.  We develop and assess effective denial management strategies.