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Transaction / Data Processing

Star ITech is a full back office solutions provider and information management company. We offer a one-stop solution to all your information processing needs. The backend operational support is provided by our offshore facility in India. This not only facilitates in providing competent pricing but also helps in high volume work with quick turnaround time. Star ITech specializes in accurate high-speed data conversion from paper as well as keying from images. We provide a professional outsourcing service specialising in forms processing, imaging, data entry, document conversion from paper as well as keying from images and database management.

Star ITech facilitates the preparation, capture, warehouse, retrieval and utilization of information. We provide service that is reliable, dependable, fast and accurate. Data processing is accomplished by extracting information from a current or custom designed form, fax, catalog, book, electrotonic media or an online entry system. This service bureau for time critical and information sensitive data alleviates the need for onsite data entry personnel, software and hardware while insuring the utmost integrity, accuracy and security.

Data Entry:
Our experienced data entry staff delivers 99.95% accuracy, using a variety of double entry, OCR plus verification, look-up tables and proofreading techniques. We enter from images (tiff, PDF, jpeg, etc.), forms, full-text sheets, cards, or books. When it comes to data entry services, we can meet just about any format requirement. We use the highest level of quality control through computer validation and constant supervision and training. We follow strict quality assurance and monitor the quality of the work and operator performance. We also provide Online Data Entry and Remote Verification.

Input Formats :
- Paper- Original, Photocopy, Fax
- Books, Newspapers, periodicals, odd sized paper
- Engineering/Architectural Drawings
- Catalogs, brochures, reference books, manuals
- Image files (tiff, PDF, gif, jpeg, etc.)

Output Formats :
Your data can be returned in nearly any format (.txt, .rtf, tiff, .PDF,.doc, .mdb, html, jpeg, etc.) and on any media (CD, tape, etc.). Output files are returned via the Internet, FTP or VPN.
Forms processing:
OCR (Optical character recognition) or manual key entry for healthcare HCFA, UB92, EOBs or dental claims), sales orders, surveys, an application, resumes, fax, etc. Regardless of the source - paper, faxes,scanned images or electronic data streams - Star ITech forms processing service can extract, perfect and export critical information to database, workflow and document and content management systems.
Scanning / OCR / ICR:
Scanning/OCR with file editing/cleanup.
HTML/XML Coding:
Add the coding needed to share HTML/XML documents or present them on the web for a variety of users and browsers.
Digital File Conversion / Formatting / Editing:
Change or update your current files to the new file formats or the latest software version. We perform repetitive conversion and re-formatting/editing tasks at much lower cost.
Online data retrieval/ Internet Research & Reporting:
From a list of web sites, create your database of desired information, either by filling up an online form at your website or by creating an offline database. We undertake in-depth research and analysis on the Internet on your particular topics/issues.
Document conversion:
We can directly convert materials into an electronic format for loading onto customer database systems. Perfect for publishers to convert magazines, manuals, manuscripts and other publications. You can have fully retrievable, searchable data at your fingertips and not fumble through piles of paperwork or never again not be able to retrieve a document because it was misfiled. We offer many popular file formats and can output your information to a variety of medium.

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