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Medical Benefits
Key Benefits of our service:
Claim rejection rate of only 2% versus 25% to 30%.
Claims are paid in 7 to 14 days versus 2 to 3 month.
Increase your income by up to 50% with the same level of practice.
Electronic Claims Submission: Electronically edited claims submission is the most accurate and time proven way to submit claims for payment.
HIPAA compliant system
Substantially reduce aging balance accounts versus heavily managed aging accounts.
Detailed Financial and Patient Reporting: As part of the claims management process, Star ITech tracks medical claims receivables and provides you with up-to- date financial information to facilitate better management of your cash flow.
Patient billing: In addition, we offer patient billing services along with a variety of financial services to increase your productivity and profitability.
No staffing issues: Free your staff for patient care.
Simple pricing options: Fees for our service are competitively priced and depend upon the size of your practice, your current claim volume,and the scope of services to be provided.

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