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hospitalsIf you are a hospital administrator looking for better quality and timely services to improve your transcription process OR if you are the CFO or VP of a hospital looking to cut cost and improve efficiency, we guarantee you much more than that.

We can help you with your overflow needs or a complete transcription solution with our global network which is active round-the-clock to provide you with exceptional quality and rapid turnaround time while simultaneously providing cost-effective solutions.

Not only is the entire workflow process automated, it also provides valuable management tools that make any medical practice or medical facility more efficient and thus more profitable. There are various reasons why you should outsource your transcription process (Why Outsource).

Look at the following advantages we offer:

HIPAA compliant: Our process meets HIPAA regulations (HIPAA).
Our state-of-the-art web based transcription platform can rerecord dictations from your existing dictation system and deliver reports directly to your hospital information system. This makes the process simple and automated.
Quality: We understand the importance of quality in transcription. Our team of transcripionists and QA team have years of experience to handle various specialties while delivering more than 99% of accuracy.
Cost effective: We provide professional service at very competitive rates. We guarantee savings from 30%-40%.
Turnaround time to suit your requirements for various departments. The maximum turnaround time is 24 hours.

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