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transactionInformation stored on paper is hard to sort and search for, it is easy to misfile, expensive to copy and is usually located somewhere other than where it is needed! Imagine storing piles of paper around your desk and office into your computer or onto a CD-ROM. Star ITech can easily convert all of your documents using manual entry, scanning and imaging technology. Information storage and retrieval that once took minutes or even hours is now only seconds away. Now imagine all of the time, space and money your company can save.

Quick turnaround time of your work.
No need to purchase additional hardware, train on software or hire personnel.
Manage projects efficiently and with ease while increasing employee performance.
Eliminate misplaced files.
Replace cumbersome methods of document storage which not only occupy too much space but are also expensive.
Easy and instant search and retrieval of information in seconds.
Store, retrieve, update and share documents.
Enhanced service to your clients.
An average business document is copied multiple times which can be avoided.
For every 10 printed pages, only 1 is ever consulted.
Only 10% of corporate information lies in a structured database, the other 90% is unmanaged in chaotic file systems.
Professionals spend 15% of their time reading information and 50% of their time looking for it.

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